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TopSolid'Design Hint #158

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #156

Sloped edges machining of a bent part

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #155

TopSolid'Design 7.12 (2018) version’s new feature

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #154

Discover new symmetry modes for TopSolid 7.11.

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TopSolid'Cam Hint #153

When a part or an operation is repeated, TopSolid allows you to change any of the parameters of the repeated operation. A red marker indicates that the selected parameter is no longer the same as the original. If you click on this marker, you can restore the original value

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TopSolid'Sheetmetal Hint #152

The TopSolid’Sheetmetal version 2016 allows to mark the parts directly in the nesting. It’s not compulsory any more to mark the part in the PCH document. This new function offers a bigger flexibility for the users of the solution. Another interesting trick is to be able to modify in dynamics the lines of wastes made in automatic. It allows to adjust at best the wastes to increase the earnings of the material. Then the wastes are centralized in the tab of material of the task manager ready to be...

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #151

Advanced assembly kits use

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #150

Creating a component from a parametric symbol

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #149

In 7.9, it's now possible to display the machine in position when you create a tool path. All the previous movements are taken account. On this example, this is the second spindle which is been use to support the part (movement made by a virtual jog before) but it could be steady, turrets or machines elements. It's both available in turning and in milling. In 7.10, it will be available every time, no need to go to WCS menu….

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TopSolid'Sheetmetal Hint #147

As standard in TopSolid’Sheetmetal application you benefit of a task manager. This task manager allows you to save a considerable time in the treatment of the parts you have to produce. Using this hint, you will be able to : Centralize the dataThrow automatically parts to be produced according to various selection criteriaGenerate in automatic the nestingFollow the realized ordersManage the wastesEdit operators cards

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